Bankrate and Lending Tree Offer Personal Loan Comparison Options, What Other Websites Operate Like This

Bankrate and Lending Tree are not the only sites that offers personal loan comparison. There are many other sites that provide a free loan comparison tool to help consumers make better decision and get the best personal loans deals. Loan comparison sites not only help you to save time in comparing personal loans. It also provide the link to the application form so that you can conveniently sign up for the loans. The following are the top 4 loan comparison sites.

1. is a popular loan comparison tool that allows you to find personal loans that can give you funding from $500 – $35,000. once you are connected to a suitable lender, you can expect to receive funding for the loan within 1 business day. The loans at feature a loan term of up to 72 months and an APR interest charges of 5.99% -35.99%. To compare the loans, you must provide basic information on the loan details, personal contact information, and employment information. can connect you to a lender regardless of your credit score including excellent, good, fair, and poor.

2. has a personal loans comparison tool that allows you to compare loans from major providers in the loan markets. When you load the personal loans comparison tool page, a pop up will ask you for information like credit rating, requested loan amount, and zip code. The InstallmentLenders comparison tool will give you a quick overview on information such as estimated APR, estimated monthly payment, and minimum FICO on the loan. You can fill in a form and get preapproved for the loan if you are interested in applying the loan from the lender. It is free to get preapproved and a harmless soft inquiry will be done on your credit report to verify your eligibility for the loan.

3. Smartasset
Smartasset offers a personal loan comparison tool that allows you to find a suitable loans from $100 – $100,000. To use the comparison tool, you must first choose the criteria such as loan amount, loan purpose, credit score, and location. You can also customize the advanced options such as annual income, birth year and employment status to get a more accurate loan comparison result. The loan comparison result will show information like APR, loan term, minimum and maximum loan amount, hidden fees, and lending terms.

4. CreditKarma
CreditKarma features an easy to use loan comparison tool that do not require you to answer any survey to show the comparison result. You can arrange the loan offers by several criteria such as loan amount, APR, and monthly payment. The loan comparison result shows information such as loan amount, loan term, estimated APR and estimated monthly payment. You can conveniently read reviews posted on the loan comparison site.