Uncovering The Most Common Myths With Credit Scores

Everyone knows they have a credit score, and how important that score is, yet there are so many myths out there that people continue to spread. Many people have misconceptions on credit scores and credit reports, so if you fall into this segment of the population do not worry, I am here to dispel several […]

What are the financial rules that you can bend a bit

For personal finance there is supposed rules to achieving financials success in life. Some of these rules are hard coded and need to be followed. But some rules are outdated and some rules are made to be bent or broken. Some established financial rules can actually ruin your finances depending on certain life situations. Here […]

How Reducing Debts Is a Key Move in Reducing Stress

It is true that worrying about debt can weigh down on a person. For this reason, you will need to develop a way to curb your expenses, which will allow you to not only be better financially, but health-wise as well. The debt that most Americans face includes student loans, credit cards, mortgage loans, and […]